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Notebook: Early Lesson for Aaron Dobson

By: Jeff Howe, Boston Herald


PHILADELPHIA – Patriots wide receiver Aaron Dobson learned the hard lessons of rookie life in the NFL this week.
Despite flourishing with Tom Brady and the first-team offense with plenty of bright spots during the last handful of practices, Dobson hit the low point of his young career on Tuesday, when he was benched for getting into a shoving match with Eagles cornerback Cary Williams. Though Williams initiated the spat with a hard push to Dobson’s face, coaches Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly agreed to boot any players who fought during the joint sessions.

“It happened, and it’s over,” said Dobson, who got his first chance to address the fight yesterday. “I’ve got to just learn from it.”

Dobson returned Wednesday and had a big performance that included a leaping catch in double coverage to haul in a deep Brady toss. The eye-popping play drew a huge cheer from his Patriots teammates, and even wowed some of the Eagles faithful in attendance. Brady’s willingness to allow Dobson to make tough plays has become a noticeable trend over the past two weeks.

The leaping grab was the most electric glimpse into Dobson’s big-play ability, and it even happened after he required medical attention on his lower leg earlier in practice. Dobson’s flashiness has been a plus, but his ability to respond well to adversity could be just as important.

“It’s fun,” Dobson said. “Just going out here and to make plays period, it’s a good deal. Having my teammates cheer us on after I made a couple plays, a couple other receivers made a couple plays. It’s all fun and games.”

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  • October 10, 2014