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NFL Player Gives Back to His Community

By: Kathy Brown

Dunbar , Kanawha County , West Virginia  


Before he was scoring touchdowns at South Charleston High School and Marshall University. And long before he made his way to the NFL, Aaron Dobson played in the Dunbar Youth Football League.

“It’s where he started playing football at about 6 years old. He’s always given back to the community.” Dobson’s father Bobby said.

From the Dunbar Bullpups to the New England Patriots, wide receiver Aaron Dobson has not forgotten his roots. And on Tuesday Dobson’s parents delivered brand new jerseys to the place where Dobson’s career all started.

“He played up right until he got into middle school. We had a great time won a couple championships here,” Bobby said.

And thanks to Dobson and Underarmor, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Two hundred brand new jerseys, 100 for home and the same for away.

“The kids will eat it up. I mean they see that somebody from where they are made it to where they see them on TV week every. It gives them that inspiration that they can do it to,” league president Jim Preast said.

And the coaches are thankful too.

“Just shows the type of person that he is, to just now get into the league and really not even reap the benefits of the league and already giving back,” Coach Cutty said.

And with the new jerseys, the Patriot himself has some inspiration for the Bullpups.

“Just know that that I was once in their shoes and I started back when I was young and their age and that they can play hard and hopefully get to where I’m at,” Aaron Dobson said in a phone interview.

The Bullpups will be debuting the new jerseys this upcoming season.


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  • posted at 2:24 pm
  • October 10, 2014